The Dotted Line Project  is an open group platform for connecting Metro Artists in DMV by offering a platform to communicate with each other. Januszkiewicz started this soon after the Corcorn was lost. Please  find us on Facebook.

Artist's quotes.

I want to thank the many institutions, companies and individuals who have quoted me. I greatly appreciate your support as we try to encourage a more creative society with creative thinking.

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Unprimed Canvas.  An independent documentary by Januszkiewicz and her film partner Stefan Immler . Secrets, money and power have always dominated the nation’s capital — and no more so than in the turbulent 1960’s. But an extraordinary group of six artists blew open the art world and forever change the way we view art today! Our film explores six painters known as the Washington Color School movement as a cultural phenomenon, set against a backdrop of explosive politics and intrigue, music and culture. The film will forever change your perspective of D.C. as the nation's capitol, art, culture, and the remarkable events of the 60’s. Watch our trailer here . https://vimeo.com/122935465

The Composer.  This jazz film/art fusion project highlights the relationship between a musician, Matthew Shipp, and his instrument, the piano. Scripted for 45 minutes with an avant-garde flair following the journey of a piano. It can be described as witnessing the birth and growth of a creative vision, the moment of inspiration between a pianist and his instrument- not merely any piano but an exquisite, rare Fazioli.  The production team for this film consists of a top NY Jazz pianist, Matthew Shipp, and a mulit media artist/ filmmaker, Barbara Januszkiewicz. This fusion of two incredible artistic talents give this film great potential to become a breakout art piece.

Metro Micro Gallery is part of  artist  Barbara Januszkiewicz's social outreach commitment.

Metro Micro Gallery is committed in creating opportunities that will inspire more creative collaborations and enrich our

community. ​Barbara Januszkiewicz is the founder and sponsor of Metro Micro Gallery.
An experimental gallery that encourages creative collaborations and a respect for diversity through inclusive,

non-conventional exhibits and showcases. A small space with big mission, the Metro Micro Gallery offers exhibits

and programs to strengthen and sustain our community.